Origin Story



Founding owners Linh Nhat and Evelyn Bui arrived in the Hawaiian Islands from Vietnam with little belongings, yet hopeful aspirations for achieving the American dream. Linh came from a storied tradition of artisan watchmakers—both his father and grandfather built watches in Vietnam—and he wished to continue that legacy in his new island home. In 1978, Linh and Evelyn proudly debuted Honolulu Time Company in a tidy 300 square foot shop in Market City. Linh showcased his meticulous skills in watch and clock repair and Evelyn, a talented seamstress, offered sewing and alteration services. Within five years, Linh’s craftsmanship garnered a dedicated following and he was honored as ‘Small Business Person of the Year.’ The little shop in Market City has since expanded to a bright and spacious fine watch and jewelry establishment located on Kapiolani Boulevard. Linh’s passion for watches —a timeless merging of beauty and mechanics— has naturally surfaced with the next generation—he and Evelyn’s children. And so the Bui Family tradition in fine watches and jewelry continues and with it, a celebration of quality, artistry and ingenuity inherent in Honolulu Time Company fine watch and jewelry collections.